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Nikolai Bagratovich Nikogosyan, sculptor

and painter, founder of the Niko Art Gallery.

Born in the village of Bolshoi Shagrar, Armenia on December 2, 1918. Studied sculpture in the class of the outstanding Russian sculptor Alexander Matveyev at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the Russian Academy of Arts in Leningrad (1940 – 41) and later in the State Surikov Academic Institute of Arts in Moscow (1944 – 47).

Created a number of memorable works of monumental art, such as the statues decorating the skyscraper on Kudrinskaya Square in Moscow (1948 – 54) and those embellishing the facade of the Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw (1952 – 55), the monuments to the great Armenian men of letters Mikael Nalbandian (1965) and Yeghishe Charents (1985) in Yerevan, the monument to Avetik Isahakyan, the poet, in Gyumri, Armenia and the memorial to the dead soldiers from the artist’s home village, now known as Nalbandian (1978), as well as a great many tombstones, memorial plaques and sculptural easel portraits.

“Armenia does not occupy a place in my work. Armenia is inside me, in my soul, it absorbs all my thoughts. The destiny of my Motherland never gives peace to my heart, making me always think of her past, present and future.”

Nikolai Nikogosyan has been a Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1943. He was Professor of the Department of Architectural and Decorative Sculpture at the Art College known as the Stroganov’s Academy.

You can see Nikogosyan’s works in the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, in the Tretyakov Gallery and the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, in the State Picture Gallery of Armenia and in many other museums of Russia and some former republics of the USSR, as well as in private collections abroad.

Awards and Honorary Titles

1965 -Honored Artist of the Armenian Republic
1970 – Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
1977 - People’s Artist of the Armenian Republic
1982 - People’s Artist of the USSR
1987 - Medal for Merit in Polish Culture, Polish People’s Republic
1987 - State Award of the USSR
1989 – Order of Friendship of the USSR
1989 – title of Professor
2001 - title of Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts
2003 – Medal of Movses of Chorene, Republic of Armenia
2005 - Order of Friendship of Russia
2008 – Medal “50 Years of the Moscow Union of Artists, Russia”
2008 - Order of Ss. Mesrop Mashtots and Sahak Partev of the Armenian Apostolic Church
2009 – Order of St. Mesrop Mashtots, Republic of Armenia
2011 – Order of Merit of the Russian Academy of Arts
2013 – Medal “Alexander Ivanov: For the Remarkable Contribution in Russian Painting”
2013 – Medal of Merit of the Academy of Arts

«….for decades I was listening to the voice of art, which is more beautiful than anything else in the world. As for what I have done and how well - these are not the questions to ask an artist. I can only repeat what the poet said: that which you gave away to people, it is yours. »

Further information about the artist is available on nikogosyan.info